KGEAR: Coming Soon in 2021

KGEAR Smart Audio Solutions

Our most exciting announcement to date in 2020: KGEAR is coming soon to Malaysia!

KGEAR is the latest brand and trademark of K-array.


In a bid to meet a wider range of users, KGEAR was born following in the footsteps of K-array’s 30 years of Pro Audio research. They are a new line of smart pro-audio products with a promise to stay within an affordable market position. Designed & primarily made in Italy, KGEAR benefits from the uncompromising technology AND quality of K-array!


The list of products where audio solutions of all sizes are required includes audio speakers and electronics for small-to-large applications. Staying true to their live vocation, the KGEAR line also comprises a wide range of solutions such as live entertainment and events, where audio plays a central role.


For more information on the exact arrival dates & demo enquiries, email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at 012 325 6513 for an immediate response!


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KGEAR: Smart Audio Solutions