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K-array developed ultra-compact sound solutions since 1990. They’ve concentrated their efforts & resources into the design and manufacture of highly efficient audio systems producing unparalleled sonic accuracy.

Amina Invisible Speakers

Amina Technologies is the leading supplier of custom flat panel loudspeaker solutions for challenges faced by interior designers & architects — anyone who desires high-quality sound with zero visual impact.


Frog-Is is renowned for offering an exceptional quality value for the cost.  Ninety percent of the Frog-Is self powered. Their product line is designed by one of the most innovative speaker manufacturer in Europe.

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One part of our consulting sessions is organising a free demo for you based on your requirements. We run our demos at our showroom or at your location of choice.


We work closely with interior designers and architects to ensure that our architectural sound solutions are well integrated with and for your room with zero visual impact.


Our technical team is highly experienced in all of our products. We are on site from start to finish to ensure that we deliver the highest possible quality for your dream space.


About Nextrend

We weren’t always called an expert in Architectural Sound Solutions. In fact, Nextrend began from an opportunity in NXT Technology—a groundbreaking product in hidden audio solutions. We worked on many projects with unique architectural requirements such as speaker placement, room acoustics & interior design effectively.

Since then we have over 10 years of experience working with unique architectural requirements, helping hundreds of corporate businesses, restaurants & even private residential go from having to hire people who don’t understand interior design & architectural challenges to now worry-free knowing that they can keep their stylish design.

We see success in supplying quality products with value-added to every solution we provide. Which is what makes us particularly well qualified to tell you everything and anything you had ever wanted to know about Architectural Sound Solutions.

So, ask away!


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