K-array has developed ultra-compact sound solutions technologies since 1990. They have concentrated their efforts and resources into the design and manufacture of highly efficient audio systems that produce unparalleled sonic accuracy.

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Frog-Is is renowned for offering an exceptional quality value for the cost.  Ninety percent of the Frog-Is self powered and passive speaker product line is designed by one of the most innovative speaker manufacturer in Europe.

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Amina Invisible Speakers

Amina Technologies is the world’s leading supplier of custom flat panel loudspeaker solutions, using a revolutionary diffuse sound radiator technology known as NXT to meet the challenges facing custom audio installers, interior designers, architects, design conscious audio enthusiasts, and anyone who desires high quality sound with zero visual impact.

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Following in the footsteps of K-array’s 30 years of Pro Audio research, a new brand is born in a bid to meet a wider range of users. Introducing KGEAR, a new line of fresh pro-audio products, designed and primarily made in Italy in the heart of Mugello, near Florence, that benefit from the uncompromising technologies developed by K-array.

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