Tzu Chi Foundation Appreciation Luncheon

Tzu Chi lunch K-array


Location : Berjaya Cafe, Level 14 West, Berjaya Times Square Hotel

Date : 26th September 2020 (Saturday)



Tzu Chi was brought to Malaysia by Ye Ci Jing in 1989, when she was posted by her company to work in Penang. She promoted Tzu Chi to the local community besides visiting Dharma Masters in various Buddhist temples to spread Tzu Chi’s spirit. Inspired by her, many locals joined as volunteers.


In 1992, David Liu and Echo Chien, a Taiwanese couple who set up a factory in Malacca, were encouraged by Venerable Master Bo Yuan to promote Tzu Chi’s missions in Malaysia. They later led volunteers from the Central, Southern and East Malaysia to participate in Tzu Chi’s charitable work to “help the needy and educate the rich”.


In 1993, both Tzu Chi Penang and Tzu Chi Malacca Liaison Offices were set up. Two years later, Tzu Chi was registered as an NGO in Malaysia. As the activities for the charitable missions started to grow, David Liu built the Malacca Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall on his factory premises and donated it to Tzu Chi. It was officially opened on May 21, 1997. Thereafter in 2001, he decided to donate the whole premises to Tzu Chi.


To-date, there are close to 170 Tzu Chi offices and contact points across the 13 states of Malaysia.



To supply 4-point compact K-array sound system that is sufficient for up to 200 people in the main hall with 2 projector systems. 2 sets of Frogis sound system was provided for the secondary hall with a projector system. The sound system must seem “invisible” in the venue.


Key Products

Sound System: 4-corner setup

Tzu Chi lunch K-array

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