Let's Start Matching Your Speakers To Your Interior Design

Speakers for Interior Design

Here’s something that everyone does in interior design: making your entertainment centre an afterthought.


Are you doing the same?


Well, it’s true for most. Many times when you’re designing your beautiful home or office, it’s normal to prioritise the visual experience.


But what if your speakers can be a part of that visual experience as well?


What if you can match your speakers to your interior design?


What if you can completely hide your speakers and you won’t even need to see them (without compromising the audio quality)?

What You Should Know About Matching Your Speakers To Your Interior Design

So if you want to a step further with your entertainment centre, here’s what you can do: make a plan at the beginning stages of designing and/or renovation.


When hiring interior designers or construction workers, prepare to communicate with them on how you want to set up your audio-visual system. Our 3-point questions below are mainly for homeowners, but the principles apply for corporate offices and community halls.


  1. Are you working with a TV or a projector screen or an LED screen?
  2. Is your room wide or narrow? Where do you think is the best position for your entertainment hub?
  3. Who are the main listeners for this setup? Your family/guests/clients?


Once you have these basic questions down, you can look up solutions by engaging with a sound system provider of your choice.


However, working with a sound system provider isn’t enough to just get your audio experience set up.


You will want your speakers to blend in nicely with your decor. You don’t want them to stick out especially when your room has unique architectural features.

How Our Architectural Sound Solutions Can Help You Have Beautiful Interior Design

Why go with sound system providers? Because we understand the way audio works in a room, acoustically. Thus ensuring that you have the best audio sensory experience.


And, if you want to take it a step further, we’d like to invite you to work with us.


Part of what we do at Nextrend Systems is that we collaborate closely with interior designers and architects to ensure that you get the best sound quality without affecting your visual experience.


Our main tagline is “Architectural Sound Solutions”. This sets us apart from other sound system providers out there.


We don’t just provide “bookshelf” speakers for your television, boardrooms, and community centres.


We maintain your unique architectural features.


We install speakers that have zero visual impact because they are either discreet, compact, or invisible.


So just imagine: You can own speakers that can either be a part of your interior design or are completely out of sight.

These 3 of Our Architectural Sound Solutions Can Help You Have Beautiful Interior Design

As we’ve worked with all kinds of applications, here are our stop 3 solutions that you can consider for your room.


1. Slim, discreet speakers for medium-sized applications.

Etiqa Insurance and Takaful

Etiqa Lobby area with K-array KV52 next to the LED screen.


2. Small compact speakers for smaller applications.

Syabas Lyzard K-array Malaysia

Syabas HQ Boardroom with white K-array Lyzard invisible on the white wall.


Both these projects feature one brand – K-array, who over the years have understood that modern interior design has evolved. For architectural reasons, they understand that some folks may want a visually discreet audio system to integrate seamlessly with their room layout without compromising sound quality.


As you can see, you can customise the speakers to your desired colours. Both these solutions have speakers that match their background to appear more “invisible” when seeing from afar. Thus creating a seamless integration with their existing room design.


Other than black and white, the speakers can also come with any RAL code of your choice, as well as premium finishes such as 24k Gold!



3. Invisible speakers for wider sound dispersion.


For clients who opt for an invisible solution, we have Amina Invisible Speakers. We wrote a comprehensive blog about Amina Invisible Speakers based on our frequently asked questions. We crushed the 5 top myths about these speakers.


Amina Invisible speakers can be installed as in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. If those choices are not readily available, we can place them behind a chosen art piece, thus making the speakers being a part of your interior design.

How to work with us

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions on the speakers you can consider for your interior design! Speakers for Interior Design


If you have more questions after this post, drop us an email at [email protected]. We are always available to answer your enquiries!


For demos, make your way to our office. We’ll show you our display products and let you experience the audio quality yourself. Find your way here.


If you’re not ready to email or meet us, you can also check out our past projects here. Look through several applications we have done. Then when you’re ready, let us know. You can use our past projects to help us better understand the type of solutions that you are looking for.

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