Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Soo Jin

SJKC Soo Jin Kapar


Project Location : Kapar, Malaysia

Application : Multipurpose Hall


SJK(C) Soo Jin is a primary school located in Pekan Kapar. They have a hall which consists of the size of three badminton courts and they are looking forward to upgrade the hall as well as sound system. Fortunately, Nextrend Systems have products that are suitable for low budget projects too without neglecting the sound quality. With only two pairs of 15” front of house speakers and a pair of 8” delay speakers, the whole multipurpose hall is fully immersed with quality audio.


Consult, Design and Installation

Key Product

Sound System:

Control System:

  • DBX DriveRack


We completed this project by August 2018.

SJKC Soo Jin Kapar