Parkroyal Collection



Project Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Application: Hotel



Parkroyal Collection

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Kuala Lumpur is designed with the environment and wellness in mind for the modern conscious travellers. Gorgeous greenery, earthy tones and sleek wooden finishes within our hotel make it the perfect hideaway from skyscrapers, shopping malls and city streets teeming with activity.


Consult, Design and Installation

• Lobby – Background music for common areas, speakers to match the modern interior design.
• Common area – Proper speaker placement to improve overall listening experience and sound.
• Ballrooms – Background music and small public address system for events. A sound system that can handle high music levels during full hall banquet. Softer levels in a separate partition where guests can comfortably conduct a meeting or discussion.
• Customize speakers coloured to accommodate the natural wood surface of Grand Ballroom.


Key Product

Sound System: 

K-array Kobra – KK102 I x 4
K-array Vyper – KV52 x 2
K-array Tornado – KT2 x 18
K-array Kommander – KA24 Power AMP x 2

We completed this project by June 2022.

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