Mid Valley Southkey Quivo


Project Location : Mid Valley Southkey Quivo, Johor Bahru Malaysia

Application : Restaurant


A hidden gem.


QUIVO is a Mediterranean-influenced restaurant and bar in chic atmosphere and great service. Fresh, crisp flavours of margaritas, falafel that evokes the Mediterranean street feel plays in tune to sublime and creamy risotto that may have come straight from Italy!


Come and dive straight into the depth of Mediterranean cuisine, mingle around you never know who you will find!


Consult, Design and Installation

Key Product

Sound System:

  • K-array KK102 – Stainless steel line array element with 2” drivers
  • K-array KU212 – Stainless steel line array bass element
  • K-array KV52 – Ultra-miniature aluminum line array element
  • K-array KU210 – Stainless steel line array bass element
  • Frog-Is SMS4 – Two-way surface mounted speaker
  • Frog-Is FP8 – Mini self-powered and full range speaker
  • K-array KA14 – All in one stainless steel amplifier and processing solution
  • K-array KA84 – All in one stainless steel amplifier and processing solution
  • Frog-Is Amp 4D – 4 channel class D power amplifier
  • Frog-Is POW12 – Power sequencer consisting 12 outlets
  • Frog-Is WP2V – Dual channel UHF wireless vocal handheld microphone
  • Yamaha Mixer TF-3 Series
  • Yamaha TIO-1608D

Lighting System:

  • 12 x Quad 5W LED Parcan
  • Moving Head
  • Lighting Controller Sunlite Suite 2


We completed this project by February 2020.

Mid Valley Southkey Quivo

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