K-array Sound Solution Inspiration

K-array Sound Solution Inspiration

Are you a designer who wants modern speakers for your client’s home or business? Or are you just an ordinary consumer looking for something to upgrade your speaker system? K-array Lookbook 2020 may just the resource you need.


If you want your home or business to look spectacular, you have to have the right speakers. That’s where K-array comes in. They’re known for providing stylish and innovative slim and sleek speakers that make sense in any home decor or commercial space. Using modern acoustic technology, attractive designs, and paired with excellent customer service, K-array helps system integrators, architects, and interior designers bring high sound quality to spaces that other speaker brands can’t reach. Empower your world with an amazing sound system from K-array, and get guaranteed satisfaction when you see your space come together flawlessly.


Check out the intuitive simplicity of the K-array speaker systems in their 2020 Lookbook today, here are a few sample pages for you to enjoy!

Hundreds of residential, commercial, and retail projects from around the world

Inspired by the aesthetics of modern design, K-array provides slim and sleek speakers that fit seamlessly into the design of your home or business. If you are looking for a complete line of modern speakers, K-array covers every angle from large to small spaces. Their sleek, minimalistic aesthetics and contemporary design will look at home in your modern living room, your home theatre, client’s business, and more! No matter what type of design or installation you’re working on, K-array has a solution to fit any space. The 2020 Lookbook features projects from around the world for folks who prefer sleek, modern, and clean look that conventional speakers cannot provide in a modern aesthetic.

Hotel with K-array

Inspiration: Hotel with K-array

Boardroom with K-array

Inspiration: Boardroom with K-array

Residential with K-array

Inspiration: Home Theatre with K-array

Restaurant with K-array

Inspiration: Restaurant with K-array

Retail with K-array

Inspiration: Retail with K-array

Museum with K-array

Inspiration: Museum with K-array

Want to check out more projects with sleek, modern, and clean look that conventional speakers cannot provide in a modern aesthetic??

Discover the endless possibilities of K-array speakers that can integrate seamlessly INTO YOUR SPACE, not just on it.

Here at Nextrend Systems, we are committed to producing high-quality architectural sound solutions that are also visually appealing. We are usually working alongside system integrators, architects, and interior designers looking to achieve or exceed their goals with respect to design, quality, and performance.  Our knowledge, passion and dedication to our clients are second-to-none. So why not get in touch today?


If you are looking for high-performance speakers that don’t compromise on aesthetics or technology, K-array is right for you. Email us at [email protected] with your enquiries or WhatsApp us at 012 325 6513 for an immediate response!

K-array Sound Solution Inspiration

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