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K-array Firenze KH7 Malaysia, unboxing & training.

K-array‘s finest addition to their concert series has finally landed in Malaysia!


The Firenze-KH7 is a compact loudspeaker in an elegant frame with a high-power density. The most impressive feature of the KH7 is that it has an adjustable 100° by 30° horn to select a wide or narrow sound emission. Coupled with a variety of dedicated joining and hanging accessories, we can configure the KH7 as both vertical and horizontal cluster arrays.


You can read more about the KH7 here.


Unboxing K-array Firenze KH7


To celebrate its arrival, we had decided to unbox the KH7 & KS8 with our industry friends. Later that day, we had a training and demo session on the KH7 & KS8. More info below.


Check out our video of the unboxing! K-array Firenze KH7 Malaysia.


Training on K-array Firenze KH7 & KS8

Our K-family member and trainer from Beijing, Jason, lead the training session. Joining the 4 of us from Nextrend, we had 7 employees from Big A Productions and a few industry friends for the demo & training session.


Some of the topics covered include K-array’s slim array technology and digitally steering KH7’s line array dispersion. Jason also taught us how to set up the KH7 array cluster vertically. Additionally, we dived a little bit into KS8, discovering endless configuration possibilities with KS8’s integrated simulation software, EASE Focus.


In essence, we are excited to see the KH7 and KS8 in action from here on. Let us know if you would like to experience pro audio speakers yourself. We’d love to offer you a free demo session.

K-array Firenze KH7 Malaysia.

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