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Slim Speakers Aurum Theatre
You may have seen luxury cinema halls with reclining chairs, but Golden Screen Cinema, also known as GSC, brings an entirely new level of bespoke comfort with their latest ultra-luxe boutique cinema concept, Aurum Theatre. As a follow up to the successful launch of its first outlet in Mid Valley Southkey, GSC has opened a second outlet in The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur, reshaping the cinema-going experience to the next level in the heart of KL.
With its name derived from the Latin word and chemical constituent for gold, Aurum is a true cinematic luxury for Malaysians. The business class of all movie theatres offers exquisite designer recliners, private screening, and luxurious gastronomic adventure. And we’re proud to have K-array be part of Aurum Theatre’s gold standard in their private screen room.
K-array is the chosen premium audio solution for the Aurum Theater’s private hall, providing a “gold class” audio experience with the highest quality sound and technology available. Patrons of Aurum Theatre is set to enjoy an impactful cinematic experience. In addition, the private screen room comes with a built-in karaoke system, ideal for both private and corporate events.

Cinema-grade Audio with K-array Slim Speakers

Aurum Theatre’s private screen room can accommodate up to 20 pax, but that doesn’t mean patrons are going to miss out on its cinematic experience. That’s where K-array comes in. K-array’s unique audio solution makes it possible for us to deliver true cinema-grade of audio experience. With crystal clear dialogue and an incredible immersive experience, the powerful and dynamic sound of K-array’s slim speakers fill every seat in the theater without distortion and with amazing clarity and definition.
The private hall is fitted with K-array Kobra KK102 on either sides of the screen, with a Python KP102 as its center channel. These line array speakers are ideal for this application where there is a limited space for a full-range speaker. For those rumbling low ends, we chose the Rumble KU212 subwoofers. Finally, we chose 4 Domino-KF26 for the surround sound effect. These speakers are installed flushed in-wall, maintaining a consistent look across the private screen room’s retro interior design with no visual impact.
Speakers for Interior Design

Technical Specifications of the Slim Speakers

K-array Kobra-KK102

One meter long, the Kobra-KK102 is a passive loudspeaker comprised of sixteen 2″ neodymium magnet woofers. With two different impedance values 8Ω / 32Ω, the Kobra-KK102 allows the user to select between wide or narrow coverage.

Featuring true line array characteristics, the Kobra-KK102 is an excellent design element for retail, restaurants and hotels.

K-array Python-KP102

The Python-KP102 is a pure line array, one meter long and just over 3 inches wide, with twelve closely-spaced 3.15” neodymium magnet woofers to produce a really long throw. The KP102 can reproduce the entire vocal frequency range with high intelligibility, starting from 120 Hz and integrating one of our Thunder or Rumble subwoofers assures excellent coverage of the entire musical frequency range.

For easier use and integration with other loudspeakers, the KP102 I allows the user to select between two different values of impedance, 4Ω /16Ω. At 16Ω as many as four Python-KP102 I speakers can be powered off a single amplifier channel at 4Ω.

K-array Rumble-KU212

The largest in K-array’s Rumble subwoofer line, the KU212 is comprised of a 12″ neodymium transducer combined with a 12″ passive transducer. Measuring at 33 x 65.5 x 20 cm and weighing 18 kg, the sub’s frame has a shallow depth and performs at high power.

Designed as the perfect companion to the K-array’s Installed Sound speakers, the Rumble-KU212 an ideal solution for complex medium and large-format projects like clubs, lounges and live concerts. KA series amplifiers have presets specifically optimized for KU212 applications.

K-array Domino KF26, KF210 & KF212

The Domino-KF26 is the smallest of the full-range Domino line measuring a depth of less than 12 cm. Compact and discreet, the Domino-KF26 is a stainless steel speaker with plug and play capabilities and it is the perfect solution for applications with subwoofer restrictions. The Domino-KF26 doeasn’t require a dedicated preset and it can be driven by any amplifier.

Designed as a passive speaker, the Domino-KF26 can be transformed into a self-powered speaker just by inserting the specific amplifier accessory. With a peak SPL of 115dB, the KF26 is ideal for smaller installations that requires high quality in a practical, compact form.

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In our role as the leading provider of Architectural Sound Solutions, Nextrend Systems is proud to have worked on a number of amazing commercial projects, just like Aurum Theatre. This includes restaurants, showrooms, theatre, and more. These projects showcase the many ways our performance-engineered products are solving real design challenges for clients in a host of places throughout Malaysia.


At Nextrend Systems, we regularly find ourselves involved in a range of commercial projects of all shapes and sizes. It’s been great to see K-array’s sleek and slim speakers integrated into these varied projects – from bars and restaurants to offices and auditoriums – there are plenty of unique opportunities for stylish audio solutions. K-array speakers combine sleek sophistication and elegance which are perfectly suited to high-end applications. These speakers provide outstanding audio performance, excellent frequency response along with a visually stunning appearance.


To view more projects beyond this Top 10 K-array Commercial Projects list, check out our Projects page. Our state-of-the-art architectural solutions include products from K-array, KGear, Amina Invisible Speakers, and Frog-is.


When you are ready to create an impact in your space with K-array, drop us an email at [email protected]!

Slim Speakers Aurum Theatre

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