Designing an Entertainment System around MicroLED Displays

A few weeks ago, K-array, Samsung, Trinnov Audio & HTE Design organised a webinar on Designing an Entertainment System around MicroLED Displays.


In this webinar, Samsung featured their latest display product called “The Wall“, a MicroLED Display capable of scaling up to 8K.


Designing an Entertainment System around MicroLED displays

The Wall | Image by


For this blog post, we will share & dissect mainly the speaker-solutions part of the webinar.


Towards the end of this post, we will chime in on how we can play a role in designing your own luxury entertainment system with you.

The Future of Entertainment Displays

In the current era of mass-produced content, it’s no surprise that everyone appreciates sublime viewing experience. From YouTube to Netflix, nowadays display resolutions are being offered up to 4K & 8K.


According to Kriss Hog, European Business Manager for Samsung, MicroLED displays are arguably the future of entertainment displays. They will one day dominate. No one other than Samsung has done more to further the technology and deliver form-factors suitable for residential applications.


Imagine having “The Wall” in your home, but no good audio to live up to the amazing visuals it offers. For a unique challenge like this, this is exactly what the webinar was all about.

What is Micro LED?

If you’ve been to mall or concert events, you may have noticed a gigantic LED screen behind every stage in these mega-events. Imagine those screens in your home or office. That’s the fundamental idea of The Wall.


Micro LED is essentially lots of very tiny LED lights mounted onto small panels and then built into enormous screens. The Wall has a pixel pitch of less than 1mm. Very cool!


LED screens are generally built from small screens collated to make one big one. Completely scalable depending on what you need.


With The Wall, you can build it up to an 8K display. Yes, you also can build your display as big as you want. However, this would mean that Samsung would need to spend more time calibrating the pixels. So, instead they choose to stay within the maximum size as a standard to maintain quality control.


Big Advantages of The Wall:

  1. Daylight Viewing
  2. Home Cinema
  3. High-End Boardrooms


Special Qualities of The Wall:

  1. Pure Colours
  2. Perfect Black
  3. Lasting Performance
  4. AI Upscaling
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Outstanding Audio for Your Entertainment Displays

The three (3) primary elements of audio consist of:

  1. Loudspeakers
  2. Audio Processing
  3. Blending of Interior Design with Engineered Acoustics.


Let’s talk about loudspeakers.

Speaker Solutions by K-array

When installing your display of the same quality as The Wall, chances are you won’t want to compromise the sound. You are likely looking to match your audio quality with your visual experiences. Right?


But positioning speakers with your display like The Wall can be challenging. The best solution would be to position the speakers around the screen. You’re going to need compact & discreet speaker solutions with outstanding audio quality. Enter, K-array.


Mid-high Speakers: Vyper

The first product feature in this webinar was the Vyper KV52. Slim, Pure Array Technology, 114dB peak @ 1m, and available in any RAL colour and premium finishes. You can read more about it here.


The special thing about speakers with Pure Array Technology is that they provide continuous arrays of sound. This guarantees uniform coverage from front to back and optimal interaction with the walls. Adding a 3rd line array speaker horizontally as the centre channel below the screen will maximise the homogeneity and minimise the visual impact.


Vyper KV52 your entertainment system

Vyper KV52


Now there is a challenge to the centre channel. When placing an array horizontally, the coverage is not as wide as you’d hope it to be. Therefore, K-array developed the FLOOD mode to increase the coverage angle from 10′ to 60′ electronically. This ensures that you can get the maximum coverage.


Subwoofers: Rumble

Once your mid-high speakers are selected, it’s time to look at subwoofers, imminently a prominent addition for your entertainment system. The compact and slim subwoofer featured in the webinar was the Rumble line. Perfectly easy for flush-mounting into the wall. Rumble is also available in unique RAL colours & premium finishes, should you choose not to hide them and have them be a part of your interior design.


Rumble KU26 | Aspen CEC

Rumble KU26 | Aspen CEC


Need additional speakers?

You now have your left, right, centre & subwoofer channels sorted. But what if this was a home theatre set up? You may need additional channels in the ceiling and at the back of the room. The best solution for this is to use a full range speaker. K-array’s Domino line is a great option to consider.


For the best example on how we can help design your home theatre, check out our project with GSC Aurum, The Gardens Mall. We designed & installed 6 units of  KF26 for their private screening hall & karaoke.


Aurum Gardens | Private Screening

Aurum Theatre Private Screening Hall & Karaoke

Scaling Opportunities

K-array Eco Horizon Penang


Beyond the KV52, K-array also offers larger speaker solutions for spaces requiring a bigger throw. We were pleasantly surprised when Daniele featured one of our projects from Penang in the webinar. The project features Python KP102 in Polished finish, as pictured above, a meter-long line array with 3.15″ divers.

Audio Processing & Engineered Acoustics

As Architectural Speaker Specialist, it is crucial that we work for your design and your room because each room and design are unique. Therefore, we tailor our consultation and solutions to every project that we take on. We pride on choosing the right speakers for your room.


With that in mind, we strongly encourage that you call or email us for your enquiries. So, if you’re looking for solutions beyond choosing any speakers, we may just be what you’re looking for. Enquire today by dropping us an email at [email protected].


For demos, you can visit our office and check out our display products and experience the audio quality yourself. Find your way here.


You can also check out our past projects here.


But, if you’d like to learn more on your own on the technical aspects of audio processing and engineered acoustics, we’d love to give you access to a copy of the presentation slides and webinar replay video. Just let us know your email!