Crush These Five Interesting Myths about Invisible Speakers

Crush Myths Invisible Speakers
Invisible speakers are made for any room and any design.


Are you someone who is used to the conventional speakers with grills? Do you still find it hard to imagine how invisible speakers can work for your space?


We understand. And, those questions are completely normal.


Invisible speakers have been around for a while, but the demands for technological integration within homes & commercial spaces have only increased in Malaysia over the last few years.


Even so, many still have doubts about integrating invisible speakers into their interior design.


So, let us crush the top 5 myths that you may have heard about invisible speakers.


  1. Myth 1: They sound muffled / they don’t sound good.
  2. Myth 2: They do not disperse sound evenly.
  3. Myth 3: They are not loud enough.
  4. Myth 4: They break down easily.
  5. Myth 5: We have to design the room around the speakers.

Myth #1: They sound muffled / they don't sound good.

People have always had preconceived notions that speakers behind a wall or in your ceiling would produce muffled sound. 


That would be true… if it were more than 20 years ago.


It isn’t the case with Amina Invisible Speakers, though.


Take the Mobius5i by Amina Invisible Speakers, for example. The speaker delivers smooth high-frequency extension and low-frequency performance, with medium power-handling capabilities.


(This is because of Amina’s OptiDamping, OptiDrive and Reduced-Resonance Exciter technology, but we won’t get too techy in this post.)


Not to mention, Amina Invisible Speakers designed the Mobius5i speakers to work with the covering material to produce incredible high-frequency detail and extension with an incredibly lightweight, stiff and resonant panel material. Not muffled-sounding at all!


And, if you want to go heavy on the bass, we have excellent news for you. The Mobious5i speakers even offer a full capacity hi-fi audio system when paired with a discreet subwoofer! *cue dance party*

Myth 2: They do not disperse sound evenly.

Before we dive in on how well Amina Invisible Speakers can deliver their sound distribution, here’s a quick video to show how their speakers work:



The UK company’s innovative technology in Vibrational Panel Technology completely replaces the traditional speaker cone with a flat panel.


With this technology, a VPT panel uses tiny vibrations to generate sound which can be heard but not seen! It works very similarly to how an acoustic musical instrument works.


That means the flat panel allows for seamless integration with the covering material, which then becomes an inherent part of the vibrating soundboard.


What you will then hear is a sound-filled room, rather than hot spots, thanks to the speaker’s 180-degree dispersion!

Myth #3: They are not loud enough.

Another misconception we hear a lot is that, because these speakers are behind a wall or the ceiling, they cannot produce loud volume. This is not true at all.


Let’s look at the Mobius7i, for example.


Amina Mobius | Invisible Speakers

A page from Amina Product Brochure.


Amina Invisible Speakers build the Mobius7i to produce higher sound-pressure levels than the Mobius5i, aka loud volume.


With a 150W amplifier and paired with Mobius7i’s speaker sensitivity of 87dB@1w/1m, you can expect an upward of about 110dB in sound pressure levels from the Mobius7i (depending on room size). That is as loud as a typical rock concert!


And, because of the way their VPT panel is designed, Amina Invisible Speakers do not need aggressive vibrational push the louder you turn them up. Your walls and ceilings are safe.



If you want to enjoy highly satisfying bass extension, we would still recommend a subwoofer to be connected to the system. While the speakers do handle bass well, the Mobius7i speakers offer the highest performance characteristics when paired with a discreet subwoofer.

If you think Mobius7i “loudness level” is impressive,
wait until you read about the Edge series.
Get your own copy of the Amina Invisivle Speakers product brochure HERE to learn more!

Myth 4: They break down easily.

We hear you – what if your speaker fails?


Generally speaking, with Amina’s robust build and their experience, the likelihood of a speaker failing is exceptionally low.


The most common cause for a speaker to fail is usually by overdriving it. To combat that, there’s a device unit called Amina Protection Unit (APU) within easy access of the amplifier. It monitors AND prevents any damaging signal from reaching the speakers.


And if you get us to install them for you (we are highly trained to do so, by the way!), your speakers are covered by a 5-year warranty.

Myth 5: You have to design the room around the speakers.

The cool thing about invisible speakers is that your interior design can change over time, but your speakers will stay.


But what if you want to completely redo your room?


As an Architectural Sound Solutions provider, we pride in choosing the right speakers for your room. To us, it is crucial that we work for your design and your room. Therefore, we tailor our consultation and solutions to every project that we take on.


In short, no, you don’t have to design your room around the speakers. We’ll make the speakers work for your room.

Common Question: Do we have to renovate to install the speakers?

So now that you’ve learned that we can install these invisible speakers behind a wall or in the ceiling, what we haven’t mentioned is that they can also be installed behind an art piece of your choice.


You don’t always need to make a big hole in your wall or ceiling to install these speakers. Simply choose a piece of art decor that completely covers the speaker and you’ll have yourself an additional element that matches your interior design.


In hindsight, sometimes no large renovations are needed when we install the speakers for you. But as projects come with their own sets of architectural challenges, it’s always best to inquire with us first to find out if we need to arrange for a renovation.


Alternatively, you can also look into what we call a more discreet sound solution – K-array Azimut – which comes in various sizes and can be easily matched to your interior design with customised colours. Premium finishes are available too!


Azimut Kamut2L1 Antique Gold

Azimut Kamut2L1 Antique Gold


Azimut Perfect Aesthetic Companion

Spot the tiny Lyzards!

How to work with us

If you have any other questions even after this post, we are always available to answer your enquiries. So, if you’re looking for solutions beyond choosing any speakers for your room, drop us an email at [email protected].


For demos, you can visit our office and check out our display products and experience the audio quality yourself. Find your way here.


You can also check out our past Amina Invisible Speakers projects here. We have completed projects with various architectural challenges.


But, if you’d like to learn more on your own, you can get a copy of your product brochure here and email us when you are ready.


We hope you enjoyed our quick guide on crushing the top 5 myths about invisible speakers!

Crush Myths Invisible Speakers