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Brionvega, Iconic Italian Design Sound Technology 


Brionvega is an Italian manufacturer of iconic objects, established in 1960. As an icon of Italian design, Brionvega collaborates with notable architects and industrial designers. Brionvega’s mission is to revamp made in Italy design icons worldwide through the objects that made the history of Italian industrial design. 

Over 60 years of life in Italian design, Brionvega Art Products have celebrated milestones in industrial design history, showcased in the world’s most important modern art museums like MoMA in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and many more.


Radiofonografo by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

The Radiofonografo is an iconic object recognized globally for its uniqueness, exclusivity, and craftsmanship. Its timeless beauty has garnered immense appreciation as an art product. Now, revitalized with modern technology, this system creates a listening experience both stimulating and intriguing.


Radio Cubo by Marco Zanuso & Richard Sapper

The iconic pop radio expresses the desire for rebellion, novelty, and vibrant colors of the 1960s generation. Designed to integrate into the domestic environment, it is displayed proudly and becomes the room’s centerpiece. It is a timeless object that can keep its function and capacity to decorate the house for another 50 years.

Totem by Mario Bellini

Totem celebrated the primary and elementary forms that compose and regulate our physical world in 1971. A simple white cubic volume that opens and modularly recomposes into a sophisticated Hi-Fi listening machine, with the two speakers that open to reveal the stereo module, the radio, and the record player.

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