Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant 

Atmosphere 360 – KL Tower 


Project Location: KL Tower, Malaysia



Atmosphere 360 is a modern and elegant revolving restaurant situated 282m above ground level located at the tallest tower in Southeast Asia – Menara Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant is furnished in a spaceship-like atmosphere with its magnificent view and starry fiber optic ceiling lights that offers a truly unforgettable and luxurious culinary experience.


  1. Design and install a system for the background audio and live band audio system, great for dining experience and yet invisible as every single interior design are highly appreciated.
  2. Consistent and immersive background music during the revolving of the dining seats to ensure the diners has an amazing experience while accompanied by the panoramic scenic view of Kuala Lumpur.


Nextrend Systems chooses Amina invisible speaker to fill the luxury space with exceptional audio with optical fibre twinkle starry filled ceiling for dining & live sound settings. Amina is the perfect sound solution for this space because it provides a full-bandwidth 180-degree dispersion pattern, incredible smooth coverage throughout the space.

With both full-bandwidth 180-degree dispersion and the incoherent-phase waveform generated by a VPT (Vibration Panel Technology), consistent sound coverage can be easily achieved with next to no variation in frequency across the entire space.

Two sound systems were built – one for background dining music, the other for live band music. The system switches automatically between the two systems, transferring from background music to live music instantly without any lapse.


Key Product

Sound System:

  • Amina AIW3 -Invisible Speaker
  • QSC K10  Active Loud Speaker
  • QSC ADS 82 – Acoustic designed surface mount weather-resistant loudspeaker system


We completed this project by October 2011.

Atmosphere 360 – KL Tower

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