Architectural Sound Solutions

During the last century, architecture has evolved from simply building to designing for form and function. That evolution continues today as our clients increasingly expect or require more than just aesthetics in their day-to-day environment. The goal is simple but profound: we provide architectural sound system solutions with low visual impact.


Sound has become an integral part of architecture and interior design. As part of our work as audio experts, we develop solutions for aesthetic-first clients who value high-quality sound without compromising the look of their space. Through our architectural sound solutions product line, we are providing our clients with the highest quality sound systems for their commercial and residential projects.


Our state-of-the-art architectural solutions include products from K-array, KGear, Amina Invisible Speakers, and Frog-is.

The right speakers and their placement is everything

Sound is an integral element that enhances the experience for everyone in the room. When you choose an architectural sound solution, the speakers you choose and where you place them are an important part of creating a conducive environment that is not competing with the decor. You begin to consider more than just style that will impact your space tremendously. However, not all sound systems created equal; each speaker brings something different to the table.


So, here are some sound solutions example based on projects we have done in the past:

  1. Surround Sound Home Theatre System
  2. Immersive 4-Corner Sound for Restaurant
  3. Invisible Speakers in Retail Store
  4. 10cm Small Speaker System for Boardroom
  5. Multi-zone Sound System for Developer Showroom and Gallery


We also have written several blog posts to help you choose the right speakers for your space:

  1. Crush These 5 Myths about Invisible Speakers
  2. Let’s Start Matching Your Speakers to Your Interior Design
  3. Ultimate Guide to Home Theatre System

Want to check out more projects with sleek, modern, and clean look that conventional speakers cannot provide in a modern aesthetic?

Who is Architectural Sound Solutions for?

Our clients are typically interior designers, architects, and local system integrators looking for us to help enhance their clients’ space. What they are seeking are usually speaker solutions with low visual impact, creating a low disruptive, cohesive look to their space. They value the sound quality of high-end speakers but are also looking for ones that can match their aesthetic and design. Our mission is to improve the visual experience of their space with sleek and slim speakers or invisible speakers.


So if you share the same philosophy as our clients, you have come to the right place! When choosing sound speakers for your home, both aesthetic and acoustical preferences come into play. Lucky for you, we know exactly what type of speaker systems can enhance your space.

Contact us for Architectural Sound Solutions

Nextrend Systems is the leading provider of architectural sound solutions in Malaysia. Our team has over 15 years of hands-on experience pioneering a new approach towards high-end sound solutions.We have built our business from the perspective of being an interior design and architecturally focused company. Our aim is to achieve excellence from honest product evaluation, precise design and refinement, and outstanding customer service.


At Nextrend Systems, we work with you closely to choose the right speakers for your home or professional space so you can enjoy a high-quality sound system with low visual impact. Wherever you are in Malaysia, our mission is simple: we provide the most innovative speaker systems to our clients who understand form and function. If this is something that begins to resonate with you, then consider us as an opportunity to contribute our unique expertise to assist you in making an informed decision about your architectural and design needs.


When you are ready to create an impact in your space with our speakers, drop us an email at [email protected]!

K-array Sound Solution Inspiration

Alternatively, you can also book a demo session at the office with us. Our showroom/office is in Ampang. Directions are easily accessible on our contact page here. home theatre system guide