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Architectural Sound Solutions

Zero visual impact. In-ceiling, in-wall invisible speakers
for a modern can’t-see-it-don’t-care design.

It’s not just about sound. It’s about design.

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System Integrator Based in Kuala Lumpur​

Nextrend Systems Sdn Bhd approaches sound as an architectural element. Our team comes together to create the most unique and customized audio elements for spaces that need a new powerful audio solution with interior design and architectural challenges in mind.

Detail-focused, sleek and invisible solutions. Our invisible speakers fit into any budget for your high-design, luxury, or luxury-impressed space. 🎧


WIP On The Park

WIP… from a “Work In Progress” then “Whipped Into Place”, WIP is now firmly established as KL’s Best Eats, Drinks and Parties!

Nextrend Systems Sdn Bhd consulted, design, and installed for WIP On The Park.

  • K-array Kobra-KK102 I x4
  • K-array Vyper-KV52
  • K-array Tornado-KT2 x10